Watch My waste


Watch my Waste conducts research on opportunities to reduce food waste in commercial and residential environments. Food waste is a huge issue and it is imperative that we reduce food waste as:

At least 40% of food purchased by households ends up in the bin

  • Extensive resources including time, labour and money are required to grow food, this energy is wasted when food is not consumed.
  • Transportation emits greenhouse gases.
  • Wasted food is often not disposed of appropriately and ends in landfill rather than compost. Food waste in landfill emits methane gas, a major contributor to climate change.
  • Wasted food could have instead been diverted to those who live locally without food security

Watch my Waste has found that Australian’s waste 7,500,000 kgs of food every year, that’s nearly 1 kg per person every day, costing the average household up to $2000 a year.
Household food waste can be reduced through meal planning, shopping lists, appropriate portion sizes, composting in home or community compost bins, and donating edible and unused food to neighbours or community groups.


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