Key Areas

There are five key areas that require initiation and investment regardless of the model ultimately pursued these are:

  1. A community food hub project team: the CFFA and other intrested parties need to seek expressions of intrest to form a core team of up to 6-8 individuals with a strong intrest in taking forward the community food hub project to the next stage.
  2. Funding: secure funding to progress all of the below.
  3. Capacity building for the core team: The core team should work with the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE) in order to build their understanding of the social enterprise model in a rural/regional context, and work collaboratively, building on this feasibility study, to define, design and market research a business model for the operation of a community food hub, including investigation of commercial expressions of interest and potential buyer and supply contracts.
  4. Strengthening partnerships: As part of their work in designing and developing the business model, The core team will continue to strengthen regional relationships and build confidence and trust amongst key partners, Especially producer, Business and community networks.
  5. Governance: Formalise partnership, governance and contracting models, Identify suitable candidates for a board, Clarify roles and responsibilities,

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